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Distance Healing  


Remote Healing

In shamanic teachings time and space are collapsible into the present moment.  A remote session allows us to consciously connect to the present moment, beyond space and time, and lets us call upon the unseen world, allowing for access to infinite levels of energy. Magical describes what may show up between the calling of soul and the wisdom of your guides. These results will vary with each person and each session and are always reflective of your present challenges and session intent.

Virtual sessions are 60 minutes

Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code and Body Code Maps bring to consciousness the underlying imbalances that are contributing to your current state of being. Muscle testing or dowsing lets your body communicate where imbalances are present within your various energy and body system. 

This is a simple yet profound technique to release layers of emotions and other energies that are trapped in your body and contributing to the imbalances in your body that manifest as anxiety and pain among other things.  These sessions are done remotely over the phone, zoom or without connection.  When doing without phone or zoom, I will email you a list of the energies found and released.  I am not a certified practitioner but am hoping to do so in the future, so I am offering these session at nearly half off my usuall rate, $60 per session which is usually around an hour.  Please reach out with more questions and to get you started, here is an YouTube video for Dr. Nelson describing the Energy Code.  

 Dr Nelson's Energy Code YouTube Video

If you are curious about exploring this for yourself, his book, THE EMOTION CODE, is available online and is a great way to begin working with your own emotions.  .




Sessions are about an hour in length at $60.  



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