Our Offerings

Energy Coaching

What is Energy Coaching?  It's life coaching looking through the lens of energy and how it informs everything in your life, from your belief systems, to your emotions, to your connection with others.   


Learn to live an awakened life! 

Integrative Energy-Bodywork

Understanding the goals of each client, each session is approached from multiple perspectives and energy levels (body, mind, spirit) moving the client toward balance.  Moira facilitates each session to engage with and listen to each clients system, allowing their inner healer to emerge forth and bring about movement, light, healing, and awareness where needed.   Moira's integrated approach cultivates mindfulness and a stronger relationship with one's authentic self and center.

Abdominal Massage

Through Thai Abdominal Massage, the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage, myofascial work, visceral manipulation and energy work we will explore both the physiological and emotional restrictions involved in digestive, menstrual, fertility, emotional issues and so much more. 

Home blessing or clearing

Are you moving into a new home? Start your move off right with a house blessing and clearing. 

Does your house feel off, heavy, jinxed, or in need of some love?  Heal your home with a house clearing.

Earth Honoring Altar Series

Are you being called to serve the waters (emotions), tend the fire (transformation), breathe the air (clarity of mind), or honor Mother Earth (physically grounded) all while learning about the reciprocity of nature and life?  

Maitri Breathwork

Maitri Breathwork™ is a transformative process where individuals access non-ordinary states of consciousness through their own breath to integrate healing into their daily lives