Energy Coaching


Tune into your body and explore the energy and emotions that are present at the moment or may be stuck. 


Teach your mind to differentiate between thinking and feeling.

Cultivate your personal witness or observer to help explore your subconscious. 


Tend to your spirit, listen to the messages you are receiving from it and trust in that knowing.   

Energy coaching sessions are as unique as the individual, their life and the current state of their energy systems. Each session is meant to engage with and listen to your deeper self, allowing your inner healer to emerge and bring about movement, light, healing, and awareness where needed.


There are many ways we can approach life and study the energy of our being.  With Moira you'll explore the places you feel contracted and stuck, how to work with those places with courage and compassion, and where to cultivate mindfulness and a stronger relationship with your authentic self and center. From this this place of knowing you are empowered to live life with awareness and love of your Self and life.  


What is a typical session like?  Every sessions begins with checking in with your present state of being and what kind of energy is presenting itself in your life.  After that every session is unique. A session may involve sitting and talking or may involve laying on a massage table for energy work. You will learn tools to proactively work with your energy at home. 


Moira's work incorporates a variety of tools, some of which she will teach you how to use for yourself.  The techniques and tools Moira uses include conscious dialogue, Emotion Code, Body Code, sound/vibrational healing, breathwork, use of crystals, rattles, drumming, smudging, essential oils; soul retrieval, extraction of "stuck" energy, guided meditation, visualization, dowsing, dis-creation techniques, Self-Parenting, , prayer.


It is best to arrive with an open mind and an open heart, willing to let go, receive, or call in what your highest self knows best.  


Initial session may last up to 90 minutes and follow up sessions last between 60. 

modalities and tools used 


Shamanic Energywork & Spirit Healing

This varies depending on your body and the movement of energy and may involve tools such as smudging, sound, aromatherapy, crystals, breath, plants, aspersions, visualization, guided journeying, mindful dialogue. Blocked energy is freed and movement of energy is toward a state of coherence. 


Spirit Healing comes from traditional Maya healers who believe there are spiritual diseases such as; susto (fright/trauma), pesar (grief/loss), tristessa (sadness/depression), coraje (anger), and envidia (envy/jealousy).  It is believed that by clearing these heavy emotions from an individual, it allows one to walk lighter along their journey in this world. 


Emotion Code and Body Code

We will use two effective techniques from the work of Dr. Bradley Nelson, Emotion Code and Body Code Maps, to bring to consciousness the fine layers of imbalances that are contributing the your current state of being. We can use muscle testing or dowsing to let your body communicate where imbalances are present within your various energy and body systems.


HuMethod Exercises

Through methods learned from the Holistic Learning Center (HLC) Spiritual Life Coach program, Moira will lead you through exercises to discover hidden belief systems that are negatively programing your life. You'll learn how to begin the process of unweaving those beliefs, heal the part of yourself that has been hurt by them and to then Self-Parent that hurt part of you so it will become a part of your whole being again.


Guided Meditation/Journeying

This beautiful practice can allow your conscious mind to rest and your unconscious mind to express itself through visualizations, emotions, and physical sensations. This can be helpful in both releasing and calling in different energies as well as bringing awareness to what is moving in the subconscious.    


Sound/Vibrational Healing 

There are many ways to incorporate sound and vibration such as tuning forks, singing bowls, rattles, drums, and voice. Sound moves energy and brings the body back to a place of resonance allowing the body to return to homeostasis.   


Plant Spirit Medicine 

Herbs and flowers hold many healing properties and can be utilized in many ways to tone, balance, clear, align and support the physical, emotional and energetic systems. Application can be through the use of smudging, essential oils, plant aspersions or sprays, and herbal steams, tea infusions, herbal remedies may be recommended for at home use for continuity of healing.    


Soul Retrieval

Indigenous healers around the world believe that when we experience trauma and shock, that experience can cause a part of our souls split from our being. Through soul retrieval we work on making one's soul whole again.


Shamanic Extraction

In shamanism there is no bad energy only misplaced or unbalanced energy.  Through shamanic extraction we work with releasing energy that is not in alignment with your highest good.  Misplaced energy can come from a people, places, experiences or thought forms/patterns.