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Womb Steam

Known as bajos in Belize, this cleansing and aromatic steam is used to introduce warmth, soften and nourish internal membranes, and acts as a uterine lavage to support reproductive health. 

  Traditional formula of Basil, Oregano, Calendula 


Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil is a purgative and is not recommended to be taken internally, however as a mover it stimulates flow and the body's healing response when applied topically. Castor Oil increases circulation while decreasing inflammation and aids in breaking down scar tissue when used with friction therapy. Great for abdominal/pelvic area issues and cleanses. 

Includes 4oz. organic castor oil and wool or cotton flannel pad.

Palo Santo

 Palo Santo (scientific name Bursar Graveolens) translates to "Holy Wood" and  is a sacred tree that grows throughout Central and South America.  It is in the same family as Frankincense and Myrrh and though to carry similar holy energy.  Many consider its energetic properties similar to Sage and Cedar. Palo Santo incense is strong medicine for learning and grounding energy.  

Peruvian Florida Water

Peruvian Florida Water, also known as Agua de Florida, is used for cleansing, protecting, and blessing. It has a bright citrus scent. 270ml


Kanaga water

Kanaga Water is similar to Florida Water in that it is used for cleansing, protecting, and blessing.  This spiritual water has a strong sweet scent which comes from ylang ylang flower. 118 ml 


Rainforst Remedies

Herbal tinctures formulated by Rosita Arvigo (ATMAT founder). 

Herbs used are grown in the rainforest of Belize and tinctured by Moira using brandy

Not all remedies are available at all times. 


Female Tonic

For painful periods, PMS, uterine conditions and menopause.

Ingredients: Copalchi, Man Vine, Billy Webb, Skunk Root, Wild Yam, and Ginger

Male Tonic

For kidney, bladder issues and male virility 

ingredients: Balsam Bark, Corn Silk, Man Vine 

Nerve Tonic

For stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

Ingredients: Man Vine

Strong Back

For back and neck ache, muscle spasms, athletic strain,  and to halt the onset of asthma. 

Ingredients: Strong Back, Wild Yam, and Man Vine

Sweet Blood

For Type 2 Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue, PCOS

Ingredients: Billy Webb