Earth Honoring Altar apprenticeship series 2019



Monday, July 17th 7:00pm CST


Moira and Elias will talk about what an Earth Honoring Altar is and how it can deepen your spiritual Self as well as your connection to nature and the Divine.  We'll do an exercise to feel into the experience of it and we'll then have time for Q & A.



Are you being called to serve the waters (emotions), tend the fire (transformation), breathe the air (clarity of mind), or honor Mother Earth (physically grounded) all while learning about the reciprocity of nature and life?  


Join us on a journey through the earth honoring doorway, where we will reconnect with our intuition, magic of nature and community. We will step into the mystery of the elements to wind our way through a discovery of ourselves and our relationship to the natural world.  


In this program you will:

Create and work with an Earth Honoring altar that uses the medicine wheel and meaningful objects as a means to work consciously with Spirit in your  life.      

- Understand the connection we have in this Earth Plane to Spirit and the Spirit within us.  

- Learn to study the ways in which Spirit communicates with us through the elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire,

- Explore and understand your everyday life and trials of the heart as an expression and communication of and from Spirit.

- Participate in experiential activities that allow the release of old patterns and call in new ones that are in alignment with your highest self. 




Reach out with any questions to either Moira or Elias

Moira Scullion at

or Elias Patras


To Register

Moira Scullion at


Retreat Dates


We will be meeting for 4 weekends:

September 2019, January 2020, April 2020, August 2020


Weekends will begin on Fridays at 3:00pm and end on Sundays at 2:00pm. Your investment in each weekend is $560, including food, lodging, apprenticeship.  Each retreat has a non-refundable deposit of $250.  

Between weekends you will meet in small groups once a month to practice what you learned over the weekends.  Payment plans available. 




Oregon, IL 

within 2-3 hours west of Chicago