I hope this finds you well and safe. As you can imagine, amidst all that is happening in our city and world, I have put a pause on scheduling in-person sessions until the end of April, and will reevaluate then. As with any small business, this is a time of great unknown factors. I make this decision not out of fear, but out of responsibility to my clients and all of our loved ones who are considered high-risk.  


While many of you have experienced my bodywork and energywork in person, some of you have also experienced working with me over the phone for coaching and energy work. Given the current situation, I am feeling called—and pushed—to expand this spiritually supportive work. In times of great strain our spirits have a way of guiding us, as long as we can quiet the chatter within our minds. If you’re finding it hard to navigate the process of connecting to your heart and spirit, of looking at what your soul is asking of you, or listening to what the energy of your body is trying to communicate to you, then I ask you to consider the journey of your own self-discovery. 


For the month of April, I will be offering phone sessions for energy work, spiritual support, and Energy Soul Coaching at a discounted rate of $80 an hour, regularly $120 an hour.  


I want to support you in this unknown space that the world has presented.  And since I am unable to do the hands-on, energy-bodywork that I love so much, this is also a way to help me support myself. Over the years, I have learned the lesson of reciprocity from mother nature, and I am blessed to be able to have something to offer in this vein.    


In this time of isolation, we do not need to feel alone. Let this be a time of personal expansion, calm, and healing.


Medicine of the Soul 


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