I hope this finds you well and safe. The past months in quarantine have been a time of great introspection and reflection for many.  In times of great strain our spirits have a way of guiding us, toward the change we need within ourselves. If you’re finding it hard to navigate the process of connecting to your heart and spirit, of looking at what your soul is asking of you, or listening to what the energy of your body is trying to communicate to you, then I ask you to consider the journey of your own self-discovery. 


During this uncertain time of Covid and quarantine I am offering phone sessions for energy work, spiritual support, and Energy Soul Coaching at a discounted rate of $80 an hour, regularly $120 an hour.  


I want to support you in this unknown space that the world has presented. In this time of isolation, we do not need to feel alone. Let this be a time of personal expansion, calm, and healing.


Medicine of the Soul 


1509 W Berwyn Ave,  Suite 210    Chicago, IL 60640

(773) 213-9398

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