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A sacred inclusive space. 

In the Andes, the Quechua word shungo roughly translates to

"one's center - the heart, the belly".

Shungo is also a greeting, said to mean,

"From my heart to yours".

It is from this place, the heart and center of our being, that the most profound healing can take place. By tuning into your soul and intuitive heart you are led to an awareness of what medicine is needed to ease or release the subtle patterns of constriction and blocks in your  systems (mental, physical, and spiritual).  This new awareness can awaken you to your inner truth and lead you to new discoveries within the Self and your life. You are left with the potential to discover the whole of who you are, your Truth and your Medicine, and find the way back to your center - the heart of your being.  

We're Open! 

Meet Moira Scullion 

Healer, Bodyworker, Minister, and Coach

A massage therapist since 1999, Moira has continued to develop her skills and techniques through various clinics and symposiums (see Professional Development). She is a Maitri BreathworkTM facilitator and an ordained Minister of Prayer through the Center for Sacred Studies. She is a certified  Advanced Life Mastery and Spiritual Life Coach through the Holistic Learning Center (HLC). In addition to being a continuous student, Moira is also a teacher. For eight years she was a faculty member at her alma mater, the Chicago School of Massage Therapy (CSMT), and she continues to teach spiritual awakening through retreats, workshops, and coaching sessions.


Over the years, Moira has seen the profound connection between the spirit and body, and the emotional states carried within. She has searched for a way to use the grounded science of anatomy, bodywork, and quantum physics to facilitate emotional and spiritual healing, and uses the tools of shamanic energy work, spiritual healing, and energy soul coaching to deepen the healing process. 


Her own healing began in 2002 when she entered a two-year Shamanic studies apprenticeship with Rainbow Journey, LLC., and she continues this work in an ongoing apprenticeship with Mateo Magee, ceremonialist and author of Peruvian Shamanism: The Pachakuti Mesa, since 2017. These journeys, and others, taught her tools for healing herself, but also gave her insight into helping others on their own healing paths. In addition to traveling to Belize to study Maya Spiritual Healing, Moira attended the Center for Sacred Studies in California to learn about subtle energy, mediumship, and ministry, which deepened her understanding of healing. Through all of these studies and many more, Moira has learned how the body and the emotions it carries can work together to achieve health. With this understanding, Moira is able to treat the individual as a whole, facilitating the connection between the body, mind, and spirit, empowering the individual's journey to find the balance within.


Why Energy Healing? 

It can help with

Clearing Blocks 

Find the smaller parts of yourself that block the greater you from standing up.


Become the most vibrant form of you that you can imagine. 

Chronic Conditions

Explore the underlying blocks and imbalances behind stubborn or unknown chronic issues.     

Stress & Anxiety

Learn tools to help you manage the stress of life and

understand the shocks that create anxiety. 


Release the blocks that trap your life force.  

Understand the imbalances that contribute to your reproductive issues and reconnect with the divine feminine.

A sacred gender inclusive space 
Women's Health

"As challenges move through my life, Moira helps them move through my body. I don’t hold onto fear and anxiety the way I used to. Working with Moira, I feel safer in my body and clearer in my purpose. She is truly a healer." 

— Jan Tranen, Chicago, Illinois







I am offering virtual sessions at a discounted rate to support your spiritual and

energetic journey during this time of self-quarantine for COVID-19.



These healing sessions engage with the deeper part of you, the timeless Self. In doing we open to the field of healing in which all things are possible; and what medicine is needed for your Spirit, energy body and physical body reveals itself.  Medicine that provides loving support and guides Moira in being the conduit of healing for your highest good and whatever intent you brought to the session. Cultivate mindfulness and a stronger relationship with your authentic self, so that you might awaken to your own medicine and inner truth. 


Through energywork and bodywork, explore the ways your body and spirit are trying to communicate their imbalances to you. Working with the body, mind, and spirit, we’ll allow space for the expression of blocked energy and witness the movement to freedom. 

Explore both the physiological and emotional restrictions involved in emotional, digestive, reproductive, and menstrual issues through abdominal work. 



Maitri Breathwork™ is a transformative process where individuals access non-ordinary states of consciousness through their own breath, to allow incomplete experiences to unfold into healing and to integrate healing into daily life. 





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Virtual Sessions are Available 


Office closed during Phase 3. Hoping to begin hands on sessions in Phase 4.

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A Sacred Gender Inclusive Space.


Medicine of the Soul 


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